How Not To Forget My Kids

Bad Mommy, Bad Mommy!

I tell myself as I see my girl scowling her face under the kitchen table ripping apart my wallet.

Before I start to yell and stomp over to her, I quickly realize that I can’t be mad because it’s ALL MY FAULT!

I’ve been too directive and patronizing in my tone all afternoon, especially to a kid who’s having to share mommy and daddy’s attention because of her new baby brother.

With the free time I had to spare while baby was sleeping, I chose to organize the closet, clean the bathrooms, and when I was done I got on the computer.

Now that I look back, the whole time all she tried to do was get involved because she was interested in what I was doing and there I was shooing her away! Bad Mommy, Bad Mommy!

Once I realized that she was intelligently trying to get my attention, I quickly switched my demeanor but still stomped towards under the table and yelled with a smirk,

“I’m……gonna…..GET YOU!!!”

I got down to her level, gave her a points card to keep, smushed up my face towards hers, and received the best nose-to-nose kiss, from a now happy little girl, who got what she wanted – mommy’s undivided attention!

Don’t Forget!

My wallet was saved and so was the moment, as I remembered the fundamentals of parenting:

  • Get down to her level.
  • Interact in a fun way, see what happens when I follow her lead.
  • Let the interactions be equal by letting her be heard.
  • Our interactions don’t always have to be directive, she can be included even if it’s for a few minutes.

It felt nice to be in the moment and to not forget that my kids are here to learn from me so I must be on my best behaviour – like a good mommy.

Do you have any of these ‘bad mommy’ moments? I know we all do! Share yours in the comments!

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