Conscious Crumbs

Conscious Crumbs

See the prompts and cues within your day
Savour them and follow along the way
Leave the past behind and clean up any conscious crumbs

To make way and move forward with confidence

Get rid of the anger that not everyone has that common sense

Trust and respect the flow
Of where we’re at
Not behind or too forward
To get caught up in the wrath
Then have to verbally vomit to get it all out

Carefully use consideration as a virtue
Without a doubt
To be sure of your next steps

With confidence
Up and out
Towards magnetic flow
Where we will instantly know
And understand

It is always in His hands

That’s what these messages are for
Glory in the power
For knowing more
Expanding to new heights unexplored

From this 3-D world
Into a higher world
Where it all starts
Within the heart
The most powerful source
Not only some of the time
But for u.n.c.o.n.d.i.t.i.o.n.a.l.

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